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Receive E-Mail in Messengers

Forward your E-Mail messages to primary messengers


We redirect mail from both popular email services (such as GMail, Yahoo or others) and from corporate ones.
Filter your incoming mail and forward only the messages you need to the messenger.
Receive and view attachments directly in the messenger.
Receive notifications in Telegram or Viber Soon.
Choose what content from e-mail you want to receive in the messenger. Highlight part of a message or use the AI assistant Soon to shorten the text.
Reply to email directly from chat Soon.
Organize the processing of messages among a group of colleagues.


Notifications from CRM systems

When you interact with customers using a CRM, responsiveness can be critical. Don't lose your customers due to slow analysis of notifications sent by your CRM system.

Error messages

Many content management systems (CMS) can send notifications via email. If you want to receive messages from the client or any other notifications directly in Telegram, you only need to use our service.

Signals in trading

Receive real-time notifications from your trading instrument.

Notices received from the website

Many content management systems (CMS) support email notifications. If you want to receive messages from the client or any other notifications directly in Telegram, you only need to connect our service to your CMS settings.

IP cameras - motion monitoring

Some server-side hardware has email-only functionality. If you are an IT company and need to immediately “react” in the event of a breakdown or shutdown of your client's hardware, then it is much more efficient to see all the notifications in your favorite IM.


Plan A

  • 1 link
  • Up to 150 messages per month
  • Advertising display (no more than once a day)
  • Forwarding messages to e-mail
  • Message filtering
  • Extracting part of a message
  • Forwarding a message to Telegram

Plan B Soon

  • Up to 3 links
  • Up to 1500 messages per month
  • Without advertising
  • All Plan A functionality
  • Mail collection via Imap
  • Attachment forwarding support
2,99 $ per month
When paying annually

Plan C Soon

  • Up to 10 links
  • Up to 5000 messages per month
  • Without advertising
  • All Plan B functionality
8,99 $ per month
When paying annually


Yes that's right. Our service was created precisely to quickly and timely notify you of new E-Mails that are important to you.

Yes, the service allows you to filter which telegram messages you want to receive by sender address, subject, content.

The service has a message trimming function. You can independently determine which part of the message you want to receive.

Our service, in addition to the usual forwarding, also implemented a mechanism for viewing mail from your mailbox. Yes, you will have to provide access to your mailbox for it to work. But as a result, you will get all the same opportunities as in the transfer. We are committed to carefully maintaining access to your mail and guaranteeing security.

Yes, the service supports sending attachments of any type. It is worth considering that instant messengers have their limitations and, in some cases, the attachment cannot be sent “as is” and will be sent as a link in the message itself.